Why am I nervous about dealing direct with an illustrator?
Don’t be. We’re all professionals.

Who are Illustrators Direct?
Illustrators Direct is an established group of top freelance illustrators and cartoonists.

The work of our members has been published both in the UK and around the world. And we’re no strangers to cyberspace. What we’re not? We’re not an agent.

Interested in commissioning an illustration from a member of our group? You do exactly as our name suggests and call the illustrator direct. There is no agent to negotiate fees. There is no fee to pay to Illustrators Direct.

Each artist has their own folio page on this website and all the contact details are there for you to use. Illustrators Direct artists work only to commissions. We don’t have a library of stock illustration and cartoons. When you commission one of our group you’re getting an ‘original’ rather than a piece of clipart that could be used by anyone. All of us have email and can deliver artwork and initial rough ideas via the internet.

Many of the artists have personal websites too. You can follow the links to them from this website.

Wouldn’t I be better off commissioning through an agent?
And help pay for his new BMW Z4? Most of us have had agents in the past, so we’ve seen that ‘relationship’ from the other side. The short answer is “no”.

How much do you all charge?
Each artist is responsible for his own negotiations on fees, so if you’d like to commission a particular artist you’ll have to deal directly with that artist. On fees, delivery, copyright issues

Do the Illustrators Direct artists have anything in common?
We all retain copyright in our work unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing. If you want the copyright, you’ll be expected to pay considerably more than if you agree to a time-limited usage licence.

Agreed in writing? The small printy kind?
Before we start a commission, most of us will send you a Job Acceptance Form which sets out terms and conditions. Sounds heavy? Not really. It safeguards the artist and you know exactly what you’re getting. Here’s an example of the kind of terms and conditions most of us use.

Actually I’m not a potential client. I’m an illustrator too and I’m looking for an agent to represent me.
Pay attention. We’re not agents! Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any new members to our Illustrators Direct group at the moment. However we are always interested in seeing what other artists draw to earn a crust. If you’d like to send us a sample (just one please) email a jpeg of your best work to the address below.

And finally…
If there’s anything else you want to know about how the group works, rather than enquiring about a specific artist, please email: info@illustratorsdirect.co.uk

Alternately please visit our feedback form.